07 February, 2013

Trip to East Malaysia - Day 4: Kundasang - Poring Hot Spring, Desa Cow Farm

Early in the morning, we departed for Kundasang. 
The Uncle came at 8am to fetch us. This whole day cost RM 90, inclusive of transport, lunch and the hot spring entrance fee.
The trip took 3 hours from KK to Kundasang.
On the way there, we stopped by at a shop for the famous Tuaran Mee and pumpkin pau at  瑾瑞兴茶餐室.
Tuaran is a small town located in the northwest of Sabah. Tuaran Mee is famous in Sabah. It is served with some vegetables, fishcake, egg and char siew.

This is the dry Tuaran Mee.

This is the soup Tuaran Mee.

Fried Mee Sua

Pumpkin Pau

After breakfast, we headed to the flea market. There, they sell the "Crystal Pineapple". I bought a packet and shared with dar. It was super sweet and juicy.
I normally add some salt when I eat pineapple to make it sweeter but for this, it taste very sweet without adding anything. The best thing is, it doesn't hurt the tongue, and it is super cheap there.
I've tried Crystal Pineapple back in KL. A plate cost about RM 15, but there, one whole pineapple cost RM 4 only!! But then, I couldn't bring it back due to overweight luggage  =(

Flea market at Kundasang

After the flea market, we headed for lunch at a restaurant. 

This restaurant was right opposite the Poring Hot Spring. After lunch, we walked over to the hot spring. 
Poring Hot Spring is one of Sabah's most famous hot water spring. It is located at the foot hills of Mount Kinabalu, near Ranau area. There, they have the canopy walkway, orchid farm, sulphur bath, and waterfall. We only made it for the hot sulphur bath as it was raining heavily, and we were in a rush. 

At the entrance of Poring Hot Spring.

A map of the area

A standard room cost RM 15. It can fit around 4-6 people.
A deluxe room has Jacuzzi, which fits 3 only. 

Outdoor pools. This is for free, but it doesn't feel like a hot spring.
The water flow is slow, and the water is cold.

We had an indoor standard room as the deluxe ones were full. 

Us. After the hot spring.

After the hot spring, we spent another hour ride to Desa Cow Farm. It was really cold and windy up there. The scenery was amazing!!

A picture with the.... erhemmm... Cows~   >.<

Cold mountains~~

Baby cows~

Saneen goat. I have this in my Farmville 2 game XP

Fresh ice-cream~
Mixed milk and chocolate~

Fresh milk.

After finishing to cow farm, it was almost 5 pm. We went back down the hill and stopped by Kinabalu Park and Rumah Terbalik. 
The entrance fee for Rumah Terbalik was RM 10. The uncle said it wasn't worth it cos there wasn't much to see and we couldn't take any pictures inside. Instead, we just took some pictures outside the house and headed for seafood dinner. 

When we got back to KK, it was already 9pm. We went for dinner at 大笳来, somewhere near our hotel.

Food food food and FOOD!! Seafood there is shhhoooo cheap!! We ate that much, and it's only around RM 20 each~
After dinner, we walked back to out hotel. It was really an exhausting day. Sitting in the car for the whole day. The roads were curvy and bumpy, and it made everyone felt sick.

This was the last night at Sabah. Felt happy and sad at the same time. This was the trip that we all had been planning a year ahead. Was happy that we finally got to have fun together, and sad cause everything ended so soon..
Sabah is such a beautiful place!! Hope to visit some other time, and visit some other island...



  1. hi vivian, do u have the number for the uncle who was ur tour guide to kundasang?

  2. Hi Vivian, what's that uncle's name? Did you have to pay for his meals too? Thanks

  3. er... i don't rmb his name..
    But, nope.. We don't have to pay for his meals. He normally just drops us then leaves.

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