21 August, 2012

Day Trip to Sekinchan: "Ear Deworming and Seafood"

Visited Sekinchan with my parents, bro, aunts and cousins yesterday =)
Mum wanted to go to Sekinchan to visit the ear deworming thing. I only heard people doing it before, but have never seen how it was done. 
The trip from my place to Sekinchan took almost 2 hours. As it was a public holiday, and Sekinchan was a malay kampung area, it was jammed all the way there.

#1  Me~ =D

When we arrived, there were a few uncles with their kids, standing outside the door. When they saw use approaching, they asked us whether we're here to do the ear worm thing. They said they're here to do it too..
The 'treatment' was at the back portion of the house. Everyone sat around, and stuck their ear into this huge cone.
Then, when it was my turn, I really thought it would hurt, or at least tickle when the worms came out.. But, nah... Didn't feel anything.. Just felt sick from inhaling the smell of the herbs. It smelt like some burnt sesame oil and leaves.

We sat on a low chair and there was an even lower mini table placed in front of us.
The aunty there placed a hot sizzling small plate on the table, and scooped some dark, sizzling hot herbs onto the plate, and quickly covered the cone over it to trap the smoke. Then, we placed our ears over the small hole on the top of the cone.

I could hear the herbs still sizzling, like those hot-plate yee mee in restaurants, or maybe it sounded more like popcorns cooking. The sizzling sound went away after sometime.
After.... I don't know how long.. 5 or 10 minutes or so... We could finally get up to stretch our neck. Then, the aunty opened the cone for us and there it was.. Dead earworms on the piece of board... Burnt ones...

Before the treatment.
The board was clean..

The hot plate with herbs on top

Mine wasn't that scary. I only had 2 or 3 tiny ones on the board. My brother had more.. Even my 9 years old little coussie had more than mine!
And, i had this whole series of worms pictures in my camera, I didn't know who they belong to.. =.=

2 cousins with their ears still stuck to the cone..

After everything was done, we applied some powder herbs on our ears with a cotton bud.
This was really a new experience!!
I read from the web that this ear deworming thing could improve sensitive nose, and reduce toothache. I thought I would have alot of worms inside me cos I always have flu in the morning..

Just in case ur interested to try this, 
you can call Mr. Chia at 010-5385 793
or Google this address: 
439, Lorong 3, Sekinchan, Selangor.

After the deworming thing, we went out on search for food. Everywhere was SUPER crowded. Every restaurants we went pass, they were people queuing right up to the parking lots!
So, we decided to go for a walk first before our lunch..

My brother snapped this for me.. And he didn't tell me was hair was THIS messy!
The board reads I  ♥  Sekinchan.

My brother.
But we totally don't look alike.
He's skinny and tall, but I'm short and fat.
How unfair!!!

We went to this restaurant nearby the beach. There wasn't too much people, just 3 tables waiting to be served. After ordering, we waited for half an hour but the other 3 tables still weren't served! Asked the owner, and he said there was only one chef cooking, and we would have to wait for almost another 2 hours WTF??!!
Switched restaurant. This one was also kinda crowded, but it was at least serving dishes. Waited for an hour to have our lunch. By the time our food came, it was already 3.30.

Coconuts on a hot day~!!

Some vege and fried squid

I don't know what's this. But it taste delicious~
Stir-fried with onions, dried chilies, and egg.

Steamed LaLa~

Steamed Ray Fish TeoChew style

 After lunch, visited some small stalls selling local food. Then, behind the shop, they were making salted fish. Don't really wanna recall how they made it, but I wouldn't want to eat salted fish ever again!!!

Me and my brother
Both of us have braces~~


Yep!! That's all about my Sekinchan trip~

P.S. Just had P55 Bearers practice this morning.. Didn't do well.. Guess I'll have to practice more using my mum's broom stick XDDD
P.P.S. P55 performance coming up in 10 more days!!! Gambateh!!!


05 August, 2012

Hong Kong Day 5

Early morning. we went around Tsuen Wan to have our last HK meal =)
Stopped by at 味皇 for breakfast~

HK food is kinda expensive.
Normal chicken rice at the 茶餐厅 cost HKD 540+

Noodles with minced meat and olive leaves

Fish cake rice noodles


Si Mut milk tea~

It's a set which comes with the milk tea =)

After breakfast, we went around the shops to get some food to bring back to Malaysia. Then, we saw this 药材店 selling super cheap scallops! Super huge ones!
Mum bought another bag full of scallops, 虫草华 for boiling soup, 珍珠粉 and some other herbs.

HK coins~

Had Cha Siew Rice at this shop yesterday night.
Then, they also sold roasted goose!!
So we came back that morning to dabao some back to Malaysia~

After done shopping, we went back to our hotel, checked out and our tour guide came to fetch us to the airport. Our flight was at 4pm.

Saw this book at the airport.
Wanted to buy it, but it's super expensive!!

Humongous HK Airport 

Scene of HK airport that appeared in many movies~

Our flight at gate 62~

Emirates airplane

Me n Mum

My fight ticket.
Got the window seat =)

Meal on the plane.
My macaroni and cheese.
Taste good leh~

Mum's rice with chicken

Almost back to Malaysia!!!

After reaching back to KLIA, we called dad and told him to fetch us at TBS. Then, from KLIA, me and mum took the KLIA transit straight back to Bandar Tasik Selatan. The train ticket cost about RM 20+. It saves a lot of time!
By car, the trip to KLIA takes about 1 hour, but by train, the trip back to TBS takes only 20 mins. But the bad thing is, I had to drag all my heavy luggage onto the train.

The first thing back home was to go online!! And I saw this =.=

That's all~
It's good to be back home. Still preferred my bed at home =D

P.S. Yayyy~ Finally done blogging all 5 days~ 收工!!!!


02 August, 2012

ShenZhen ---> Hong Kong Day 4

On Thursday morning, we packed all our stuff, and got ready to come back to HK.
Our bags and luggage was super heavy!! Dragged like hell all the way~~

Me at the MTR exit.
I know i look ugly =.=

All the snacks sold at Okashi Land are super cute!!
The even had samples on the top of each gift boxes ~

All the high-rise apartments at HK

Hotel lobby

Maps provided by the hotel.

Planning our day trip~

Shuttle bus provided by the hotel.
It has a few trips everyday to MongKok and TsingYi.

南翔小笼包 蛋黄莲蓉包


Lo Mai Kai in lotus leaf.

Coconut red bean and 杞子桂花糕

Olive leaves, minced meat and 陈村粉.
This tastes like plain Chee Cheong Fun.
Dunno why they gave it such a weird name...

The soaking wet 女人街.
It's just like our 茨场街.
There's alot of things on sale,
but not more then DongMen. Still prefer DongMen more~

At The MTR station, waiting for the train to TsingYi.

Went into a supermarket, and this is what they sell~~
How come sushi in Jusco don't look so delicious?
They even sell salmon roe!!!

Mango pancake bought at MongKok.
It doesn't taste nice anymore cos it's not cold... XP

After shopping, we took the MTR to TsuenWan station, just a 10 mins walk away from out hotel. On the way back, we passed by a huge shopping mall right next to our hotel. Shopping there was already enough. We didn't have to take the MTR to other further places. Sad we didn't knew about it the first day we came cos everywhere was closed.

After we showered, we went down for dinner. The surrounding was so much different from the day we first arrived. As the storm stopped, all the shops were open, and the streets became busy again~




The night view of HK we always see on TV

This taste soooo delicious~~

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and started packing all out things. Shopping at HK was kinda expensive, but the food there tasted really good~!!

One more day to blog about~~ =)